Thursday, May 15, 2008

What went wrong with The Game?

As I am reading the new Issue of XXL (pictured above) I really feel quite disturbed about "The Game." I mean I am a little worried about him.

Some of his notable (and scary) quotes:

"My family has completely showed me that they don't give a fuck about me"

"My life was better when I was gang-banging, shooting, robbing, stealing, getting shot, and selling drugs."

I mean yes, we have obsevered some very odd behavior over the past few years from The Game, one posing as a federal agent in the back of an NYC cab and ordering the driver to run red lights and his butterfly tattoo on his face that he later realized was a tad foolish and fixed. But he claims he is "emotionally a wreck" and "cannot let the pain in his heart go".

So to Game and anyone else out there seeking some guidance, if you are reading this write me at and let's heart it out.

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Anonymous said...

The Game is wack. He should just commit suicide. Nobody would care, not even his own family. WORD