Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When Drag Queens attack

A drag queen robbed a Burger King in New Orleans last week.
The "man" climbed in through the takeout window. He was wearing a dress with matching necklace, a wig with a hair barrette and was shoeless.
The drag queen held the employees at gunpoint while demanding money.He later exited through the same takeout window.
The suspect is said to be about 6 feet and weighed around 180 lbs.Authorities believe the thief is most likely a genuine cross-dresser since he had so much attention to detail. The nails appeared to be painted and well-manicured. The necklace matched the outfit. The wig was well made. This tranny had her shit together! Oddly enough, the suspect did not cover his face when robbing the Burger King. Thankfully no one was killed.
If you live in New Orleans, be on the lookout for the thieving drag queen.She's coming to a KFC or Taco Bell near you!

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