Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm still Jennie from the Block

Below is a blackberry convo I had earlier today, you never realize what an impact you can have on people until you read it across a screen. Kind words always bring a smile to my heart :0)

Ab​im: I must be honest wit u, I know u very busy & all but u've always taken the time to look out for me

Ab​im: And that's something u don't see in this crazy industry, So I have to keep thanking u for being Jen...and not any industry person.

Jen the Pen: I know good people when I meet them.

Ab​im: I truly appreciate everything

Jen the Pen: Once a month or so when someone thanks me for something I"ve been able to do for them, or just write me to tell me how much they love the blog, I like to post it. Do you mind if I post this convo.

Abim: Nah... please do... People need to know that there are real people in the industry. Everyone isn't hollywood. Thank you Jen.

Jen the Pen: Awwww thanks!! No thank you!!!

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