Thursday, May 15, 2008

What You All Been Waiting For

Tuesday night the Glow in the Dark tour hit Madison Square Garden and thanks to my baby, I was lucky enough to be right up in the mix of things. So without further or due I present to you: Jen the Pen Live from The Glow in the Dark show!!!
What I was able to experience was priceless. This time last year I was doing internet radio and stuck behind a desk at a job that was bringing me no where fast, along with wrecklessly dating. Hard work, a conitnuous drive and my vision board has brought me so many things my little heart has desired. They say your life can change overnight and for that I couldn't feel more blessed. Things can only get bigger and better. While I always believed that one day I would be sitting in the same sound booth with the biggest players in the game, for some reason now that it has all happened it feels somewhat surreal. Now it's time to get those same size checks! Welcome to the Good Life :0)


Pigtails 44 said...

jen thats amazing..i am quite jealous

V. Bella said...

Okay omg I'm sooo over the function of missing all of this. Uuuugh dedication to school geez louise!! Got damn it I better be there next time!