Monday, May 19, 2008

MTV's Hottest MC List

MTV leaked their hottest MC list this past weekend. See who made the cut. I'm a bit disappointed that Lupe came in at # 7 but in all fairness I guarantee his next album will blow us all away and he'll be in the running for the #1 spot this time next year.

1 Kanye
2 Jay-Z
3 Lil Wayne
4 Rick Ross
5 Snoop Dog
6 50 Cent
7 lupe fiasco
8 Young Jeezy
9 Andre 3000
10 T.I


Steve Lieb said...

No Black Thought?

At least Andre 3 Stacks made it on there...

h.e.r.fection said...

lol the photo is priceless

Anonymous said...

I can NOT ride with this lineup! Rick Ross should NOT be on this list at all and 3 stacks should not be so low on the totem pole WTF!