Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brandy is Back!

I think we can all gasp and let out a sigh of relief to know that the Norwood we've all been waiting for  is back with her warm up single "List", Click here to listen. Some of my folks over at Epic Records, her new label, are telling me her new single is insannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeee. I am being told it is an uplifting encouragement type record about overcoming obstacles. All of which we know she has between the car accident incident and all the controversy her brother has had with the sex tape and all. Please remember where you heard this first, your girl JEN THE PEN! I am happy to see her back since R&B has gained a few new queens since she took a step back, but let's not forget this girl's history people!!


V. Bella said...

And did you know that Cons performed on her sitcom "Moesha" back in his Tribe days???? :-p

Definitely am ready for a Brandy come back! I STILL blast her Never Say Never album..that was the muh fuggin HOTNESS!

Anonymous said...

I concur . . . she's that deal