Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Date My Ex

So last night I tuned into a new reality show on BRAVO! called "Date My Ex" The ex couple Jo & Slade had been featured on "The Real Housewives of Orange County". Jo was only 24 when she met 38 year old Slade and like most women she thought she wanted to be a " Kept Woman". So Slade put her up in his million dollar home, put a blinding rock on her finger and gave her a weekly allowance. Jo sooned learned this was not the life she always dreamed of, she wanted more and she was now ready to leave Slade behind and go to LA to chase a singing career. And this here is how we got "Date My Ex" ( I swear some people will do anything for a check) 
Basically it's another form of The Bachelor but the dudes dating Jo will live in Slades house and he will watch over them to see who's the right pick for his ex. A bit bizarre but bizarre tv makes good tv!
Personally, I think it's all a hoax and by the last episode Slade & Jo will get back together, I mean come on he's rich & handsome and we're in a recession what woman wouldn't want access to his accounts?!!!
Peep the trailer below! I'm addicted just off the first episode!


fendibag said...

Slade is a fine mvthafvcka, Jo is stupid, she did him wrong, But they were ny favorite couple. lol

MissNee said...

I was on a real estate gossip block a few months ago and was reading about slade and his not so abundant fortune. apparently the house he was living in on the Real housewives is/was under foreclosure and he owes a lot of people.

Jo can catch a brick. That bitch makes me want to rip my ears off when she talks

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! I think Slade will be the last man standing and this is all a ploy to get a check for her studio time even though I have a feeling Slade is footing that bill already. When is this so called "album" coming out anyway? And who is she signed with? And what kind of music is it? Is she a pop artist? I just caught the first elimination show and of course she picked the guy Slade hated and personally told to back out and remove himself from the game. Slade has some kind of nerve!! No one will be "good enough" for Jo and anyone with the money to "treat" her will be the one he really wants gone. So yes Jo will somehow figure out that Slade is her man and she wants him back. Despite what others have said Slade is "ok" at best. I think Jo could do so much better, but she will not get the well paid sucker like Slade is. But then again it is L.A. and I guess there is a well paid sucker at every turn who would love to have beautiful eye candy like Jo. So you work it girlfriend!!!

Anonymous said...

That does sound crazy. I am going to have to watch.