Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Say I Talk Too Much...

But who really cares???

Just wanted to take this time to shout out the # 1 producer in radio, my producer....ANGEL!! Thank you for putting up with my divalicious attitude every week and giving my loud mouth a place to call home...xoxoxo your the best!!!

"If I worried about what every bitch in New York City was thinking about me, well I wouldn't come out of the house"-Samantha "Sex & The City"


Ras said...

Jen, great blog here. Go check out:

There seems to be lots of controversy behind your movement. I suppose that is why your out there doing your thing. However, you should know that Internet Radio has a larger listening base than Satellite. I will be emailing you with the details offline.



RAS IS STUPID!! said...

oh brother get a life!!!!!!!!!!

MakingTheMogul.com said...

Great vid Jen! You're always entertaining.

sogaudy said...

yo jen ur pretty cute....i luv how u keepin it real 2....

are you single?

what a dude gotta do to holla at you?

are u in the tri-state?

Anonymous said...

Im feeling this blog jen We love you over a presspricks.com



Anonymous said...

Jen you're that bitch keep it official.

Anonymous said...

Yea Jen you have lots of people talking.
Check out:

V. Bella said...

This is the first time I've seen you in ACTION! Thanks for the entertainment! :-p

Anonymous said...

You know whats sad is that you would think that with the rare opportunity that some people have of getting on the air, you would have spent it on speaking on something of value instead of this shit.

They say when you point a finger you always have more fingers pointing back at you and this situation is no different.

Especially when one could say
1) You criticize the girls for fucking rappers when right now your currently fucking around with Consequence the rapper.

2)You called Funkmaster flex a dickrider but your mans Consequence has made a career out of dick riding since his days from being put on as Q-tip's cousin in the early 90's to riding the shit out of Kanye's dick to get put on again. In fact last time I checked this man appeared all over his own video blog on the glow in the dark tour, a tour where his name appears no where on any flyer except possibly the one that exists in his mind, getting shine off Kanye's fame. (He even post pictures of him meeting Funkmaster Flex on the tour which is kinda funny and Ironic at the same time). So your man has been professionally riding dicks for about 15 years! Give the man some props...

3)You called one of the video hoes out saying that Bow Wow wasn't that bad of a look...but the dude who's currently smashing you is! I mean his last album which was released in March of last year has only sold around 100,000 copies...double carpet. How sad is a man who spends 15 years in the industry, gets the help of Kanye...and still flops and gets dropped from his label. And has the audacity to go running around on blogs giving advice. Sorry chick but THAT is a bad look.

So that concludes this episode of keeping it real.

Do something more productive next time your on the air. I mean you had Mickey Factz right next to you! Couldn't you at least talk about his music or something positive!?