Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not So Picture Perfect After All

So last week we officially welcomed 5 month old baby "Johan" into the hip-hop spawn of babies. But it turns out to be that his baby mother "Emily" is not as much of a down ass, lay-low chick as we thought and really neither is Fab (not really a surprise) From the looks of these emails sent by people who were just as shocked as us, it looks like his BM has had relations with fellow rapper Fat Joe (who is married), and athlete turned convict Michael Vick.

So see below some e-mails from some skeletons left out there by both Fabby and his BM Emily.

"Fab’s girl Emily is also known to have had a recent “relationship” with doggie lover Micheal Vick before his jail stint, as well as being Fat Joe's side dish for years. They have been together for 6 years so here’s a snippet of the exact scoop I was given from one source close to Emily’s circle. According to the timetable she messed with Fat Joe about four years back, same thing with Michael Vick and I don’t know Fabulous’ lyrics like that but he went so far as to say something about Vick in a rhyme."

"I’ve been keeping this one to myself for over a year, but when I saw he’s had a girlfriend for 6 YEARS I almost spit my dinner on my computer screen!! Last March he came through my city for a mini-radio promo tour, which was top secret and only the radio stations knew about his arrival. I got a message on my Myspace page from his official Myspace page saying he wanted to see me when got to my city and he asked for my number. I don’t do the random Myspace crap but this one was so far fetched I had to send my number. Lo and behold, a few hours later, I got a call from none other than John Jackson!! It was soooo damn random. We chopped it up for a minute and asked if I could show him around, get dinner, etc. He ended up arriving in town too late so me and my girl friend went up to his hotel. No, I repeat, NO sexy times occured!!! He had a lame ass friend with him that was gettin on my friend’s nerves, and we pretty much watched funny YouTube videos and music videos and debated over which artists were whack!!! And he’s very much into celebrity gossip!! He got his friend to get my friend out of the room for a minute, and he tried to make a move, but his friend came back too quick and you could see the “Doh!!” on Fab’s face. I didn’t care cuz I was just about to push his hand off my thigh anyway. He’s sexy but I simply cannot f*ck after 5 minutes!!"

Well another case of getting caught out there and not keeping your shit tight, not really surprising, but I hope for Johan's sake these 2 experimental people can get it together!


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Anonymous said...

So ole girl was a busdown?????? whats new rappers always wifin whores.....

The Nerd At The Cool Table said...

Why u put Fab out there like that? Lol

Females are vicious creatures.