Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guy Spy:Signs You Have Sizzling Sexual Chemistry

So maybe you just met this guy. But here are a few ways to tell you'll click between the sheets.

1. Your voice changes. Talking in a deeper tone around him is a subconscious sign that he turns you on; if your voice gets higher, you're feeling intimate. Both hint at a promising physical pairing.

2. You don't censor yourself. If you can tell him almost anything, even embarrassing stories, you'll likely be uninhibited about carnal communication too (which is key to good sex) But if you're reserved around him,that'll probably get more pronounced once you're naked.

3. You make deep eye contact. Locking eyes during even lighthearted conversations proves that you're connecting in an intense personal way.

4. He gives good touch. Casually caressing you in a repetitive,soothing way echoes in bed motions like stroking. But if his touches are arrhythmic, coarse,or clingy, the same may be true in the sack.

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Miami Mami said...

Justin is my boo...but shes superwack!