Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My side hustle

For those of you that didn't know this past year I took up styling as a side hustle....a sister can always use a check! Ya feel me?!
It all began with the making of Consequence's video "Feel This Way" feat.John Legend. Being the jack of all trades that he is Cons put me on to the hustle of pulling clothes. Me being the Ultimate Hustler that I am (No pun intended) took my new found skill and created new opportunities for myself. One of the first being Ray J's Sexy Can I video and the latest being Dwele's performance on Wendy Williams. Dwele was kind enough to do a bloggermercial for me, don't mind the part where he effs up lol. I've also attached his performance, again don't mind the bootleg fact that I had to film it off the TV while sitting in the dressing room. Fuck it, it's better then nothing right?!
Make sure you all tune into Wendy Williams this Thursday @ 10:00am ,as I will be getting Ray J's style right for his appearance!

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