Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Smart Get Smarter

According to ShowbizSpy, 50 Cent has bought the rights to his Baby Mother Shaniqua's lfe story. So now his ex-girlfriend and baby mama can't publish a tell-all-book.

50 Cent said: "I bought the rights to her life story so she couldn't write a book.

"I seen her being ridiculous; I knew her capabilities of going in that direction, so I bought the rights."

In other News, 50 Cent gets quoted by ContactMusic from a new Sister2Sister Magazine Interview about his baby mama keeping his son away from him: "Now they done kidnapped my first one (son). My son's mother got him, holding him hostage."


Anonymous said...

I love 50 sexy ass. He's my favorite business man outside of the Donald, he is smart. EFF Shaneequa ungrateful ass.......

Anonymous said...

50 is that nigga!

Anonymous said...

Buying the rights Hmm is that what they call that now. Sounds a lot like that thing they call a PAY OFF to me.
It is obvious she got dirt and she knows it is worth some dough cause he does not want it told.