Friday, July 11, 2008

White Girl Song of the Week

If you're a new visitor to the blog, let me introduce you to my White Girl Song of The Week. 
Normally I put up a "Real" White Girl Song. But while driving home last night, I heard this new song from Plies. While I'm a huge fan of his, everytime I hear Jamie fox on a song, I never can believe it's him! Does anyone else out there feel the same way??? Let me know! Anywayyyyy I veered off course and decided to use "Please Excuse My Hands" as the White Girl Song of the Week! Hope you love it as much as I do!

Please Excuse My Hands - Plies featuring Jamie Foxx and The Dream

1 comment:

The Nerd At The Cool Table said...

i'll admit...i slept on plies...i was hating on that nigga something major...he got some heat tho...not this but he got some hot shit on his album