Friday, July 11, 2008

Grammy Chapter Concert

So Wednesday night was a busy one, I took part in the Grammy Chapter Concert here in New York City along with Ray J, Yung Berg, Noel Gourdin, Swizz Beatz and some others which is if you don't know a series of events the Grammy Commitee hosts throughout the year leading up to the real one. Artists take part in these mostly to win over the committee's hearts and minds :-) While I was backstage you know I had to get another bloggermercial to add to the collection..
Here is my bloggermercial with Yung Berg, I guess he doesn't have a problem with me clearly cause I am lighter than him

Swizz & Jen The Pen BITCHEZZZZ!!

Jen & Ray J

With Noel Gourdin Yung Berg Performing...
Ray J
Sexy Can I??
KnockOut Family Ray J & Shorty Mack


Miami Mami said...

RAY J is fuckin sexy as hell...i am so jealous

Douchebaggery said...

Jen is fucking sexy as hell!