Friday, July 25, 2008

Diddy I got 3 words for you "How Youuuu Doin"

Well Well it seems like I was right when I pulled that Tranny card after viewing the trailor for "Work for Diddy". Peep the very juicy email I got from an insider on the set. I'm blocking out the insiders exact position since it was  super cool of them to fill us in, we don't wanna get anyone in trouble out there!

I worked as a (
BLANK) on Diddy's new show for VH1 that's premiering August 4th, called "Work For Diddy." The show centers around the young and dumb vying for a chance to work FOR Puff.

What's unknown to the world right now, is that one of the contestants, actress Laverne COX, is a Tranny (still has a ding ding). Let me tell you that home girl is the FIRST black tranny to be cast on a reality show. The problem is that some people don't or won't even know. For Diddy's part, all I can say is "How you doin'...alright!"

Laverne is pleasant enough and will steal the show in many ways (think Omarosa). Are your readers ready to see a Black Tranny?

Laverne can be seen at the beginning (in the red and brown) of promoting the show (some are beginning to suspect, but they don't know her name, and can't call it). Before this show she took part in a documentary and can be seen strutting her stuff as a tranny prostitute at the 1 min mark of Her myspace is

Laverne is often unclockable and sleeps with many men...again (read between the lines). Diddy "HOW YOU DOIN'"

This is historic in oh so many ways!

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Anonymous said...

I can believe it. LOL Didn't Wendy Williams out his azz years ago? And I am sure those Cassie marriage rumors were probably put out by his team as jumpstart publicity buzz for her and bearding purposes for him.