Friday, July 25, 2008

Maybe Foxy isn't crazy?

Yesterday I put up a piece of Foxy's new interview from the new XXL where she explains how much Jay-z let her down and blah blah blah, so automatically its hard to assume that a "crazy" person is saying something that has some sense. But I think I might have gave up on Foxy too quick after reading this article where ex- Rocafella member Teairra Mari explains her departure from Hov's label...check it out

Teairra on being dropped from Rocafella
"I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t know what happened. I just got a call out of the blue because I had gotten cut my second advance and everything to record my second album. I got a call one day. They were just like, “Yeah we’re going to be letting you go. You’re young and we believe you will be able to have a prosperous career without us,” just kind of like throwing me out in the cold really. That’s how I kind of look at it, because we were all supposed to be like a close family. I called Jay-Z my father; he was like a second father to me. Tracy Waples, I called her a second mother. So to just be thrown out – and I didn’t get a call from Tracy or Jay – it was a bit heartbreaking. You know we live and we learn, but just me being that young and inexperienced I didn’t know. So I took it pretty hard."

Teairra on her current relationship with Jay-Z
"There is no relationship there at all. I haven’t heard from him since that time. I think I sent him a happy birthday message because his birthday is two days after mine, like two years ago and since then it’s been nothing. And I don’t want it to be – Actually, it’s fine because I was a young girl. If you could come into a young girl’s life and then just throw her on the curb, you put this father presence on and then be like, “I’m done with it.” I don’t want a relationship like that. ….I see both sides. I see how people can be on you one second and then totally off of you and not even call you to see if you’re still living or not."
(My 2 Cents) is Jay-Z a kiss & fly type of guy or maybe he just doesn't like bitches who can't keep up around him...I mean Rihanna and Beyonce managed to stay under his wing...I'm just saying!


Miami Mami said...

haha Jen I think your right, you are too too funny i swear!!

Anonymous said...

JAYZ is dat nigga!

Anonymous said...

don't forget dame he snaked out on him too.

foxy was under him for over a decade so it's not too late for rihanna and beyonce. and i'd add kanye to that list too.

Anonymous said...

i agree w/the 3rd comment. he knew Dame from childhood and still turned on that nigga. Jen you will never understand this hood shit so dont try.