Friday, September 5, 2008

5 things to buzz about

5.Research shows that about 2 percent of women can actually orgasm by just thinking about sex (Whooo Hoooo)

4. If you skipped your summer getaway with your boo experts say your sex life may suffer. Psychologists say that frazzled,anxious couples tend to have better,more frequent sex on vacation. Can't get on a plane and fly far far away? Good news is even a weekend jaunt can help renew intimacy.

3.Dating in dark venues is the latest way to meet potential mates. They say you benefit from the dim light because you're then not obsessing about your looks but can actually focus on someones personality.

2.Can't seem to find love in your city?! Think about moving to Atlanta! A study shows that HotLanta is the best city for single people!

1.Strengthing your will power helps you achieve goals. i.E. I've decided to take part in Ramadan this year and fast everyday for a month.If this seems too hard for you try something more simple like not cursing!


Anonymous said...

Girl Atlanta is a great place for single MEN not women. There is about 10 women for every man here. Also the men that I have ran in to (notice how I qualified that statement) seem to have the mentality of the woman catering to them. I thought it was just me but they talked about it on V103 this a.m. about how NOT fun dating is for women here.

I honestly have heard people say that that dating is bad in every city though.

baybay said...

note to self: DO NOT move to Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I like the vacation thing and the whole dim lights but the fasting part, naw not going to happen no sex on an empty stomach. I think that is a big no no.

baybay said...

i think i'll try no cursing- out loud.