Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye Arrested???

LAX police confirmed to Access Hollywood that Kanye West was arrested at LAX today. West was arrested at 7:51 AM this morning in Terminal Four on charges of battery and vandalism. He is still in custody at the airport. Airport police can’t confirm, but they speculate it was due to a situation with the paparazzi.
Story developing…

WTF is that???!!! What the heck could Kanye be out here vandalizing!??? I bet it was due to those damn shutterbugs they will do anything for a flick!


Tasha said...

WTF... dang Ye' those freakin shutterbugs. I would arrested them instead cuz u know that happen

Anonymous said...

lmao, i just saw the report on CNN, so i said to myself imma see how real this chick is with all her information and how quick shes on with the new shit, and come to find out this article has been sitting here... you not only the BADDEST SNOW BUNNY IN NYC, you got that info!

-Haitian Chris