Thursday, September 18, 2008

Paris,Not France

Because being the heiress to the biggest hotel chain in the country, branding yourself as a this century's #1 socialite, a sex tape, two reality shows now under her belt, a book and a perfume line weren't enough Paris Hilton had to make sure to go and get some up and coming director to do a documentary on her for shits and giggles. But whats even more pathetic is the attention the film director and the documentary is getting from CNN.
Clearly Americans need a break from the recession, politics,and the sinking stock market, so that's why CNN found it important to reveal these "Who Gives a Fuck"(my wording) tidbits about Paris Hilton from her documetary "Paris,Not France"

Hilton states that she loves to sleep as much as she can, continuing to snooze in bed in the morning while her hair and makeup are done.

She reveals some of her scary dreams, including one where her teeth fall out and one where her brakes fail while she's driving the steep hills of San Francisco.

While strolling with her cell phone pressed to her ear, Hilton confesses to the camera, "I pretend to be on the phone all the time so people don't talk to me."

That's right. So people don't talk to her. Because clearly Paris Hilton hates attention.

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baybay said...

thank god the stock market is doing slightly better (today anyway).