Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marriage is in the air

Reggie Bush told NFL.com that he indeed is ready to marry his #1 girl Kim Kardashian. Read below what he had to say:

How is it going with girlfriend Kim Kardashian?

“Great,” he said. “Great girl. Great friend.”

Is marriage to her in the plans?

“Yes,” he replied.


“Don’t know. But it’s coming.”


“Definitely. Absolutely. I look forward to being a father.”

Can you imagine how beautiful their babies will be???!!!!!

Also if you missed Kimmy on Dancing With The Stars last night head over to 
We know how I love Kim and all all but she only did an OK job in my eyes. She was a little to stiff for my taste, but it's only the first episode time will only tell what she can bring to the dance floor!


Anonymous said...

aww so cute! they finally admit it. they do make an adorable couple. she doesn't really seem like the havingbaby type to me for some reason but hey if nicole ritchie's scrawny ass could do it then u never know...

Anonymous said...

oh yeah team toni braxton ahhh hahahahaha


watching end of dws said...

gotta admit kim is freaking gorgeous but for her having such a big ass she really should have some more rythme *hating..hating..* her "demure" beyonce act is soo old

Anonymous said...

Sigh....When will dudes learn you don't wife hoes. smdh