Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Solange gets real with Tyra

Solange appeared on Tyra Banks and honestly I think it was the best interview I've seen of her thus far. After watching this any poor or negative thoughts I had towards Solange have all disappeared. She really allows you to see a vulnerable side to her, she talks about her son Daniel and losing a good friend to an act of crime.
Watch here DimeWars


Tasha said...

YEah I have always know this. But I am glad she is talking about it. If you go to her myspace she discuss it on the ??? she let her fans ask her

baybay said...

reached #1, so LIE!
i don't like when people used their deceased friends and/or family to garner sympathy.
not a good look solange, i feel bad but not for this media whoring little snob.

baybay said...

omg is their anything more boring than people talking about their kids??