Monday, September 8, 2008

Red Carpet Fresh

While last night's red carpet proved to be one of the more disappointing red carpets of the century, I was able to pick and pull some of my favorite looks of the night, they're not many but we take what we can get right folks!

Rhianna looking super fly as always
I'm loving Katy Perry's choice very 50's beach attire! 
Not so sure if I love these looks but I sure do love DK
Travis of the gym class hereos is always cute to me even with that ring in his nose
Loving Pink in all stripes!


does it matter said...

I liked Rihanna's outfit. I was put off by the shoes but, she made it work.
Hated the red and black stripes on Pink.
Britney looked cute. It's hard to believe that is the same woman that had a mental breakdown at the beginning of the year.

Tasha said...

Everyone was a little off this year to me. But Travis is sexy to me. And him & katy are a cute couple. i did like solange's shoes & fendi bag though