Monday, September 22, 2008

Dj Am and Travis Barker Update

A doctor announced Sunday morning that both Travis Barker and DJ AM Adam Goldstein are expected to make a full recovery from injuries suffered from Friday night's fatal airplane crash. Dr. Fred Mullins of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors' Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, said at a press conference that the drummer and the record spinner both appear to be out of danger of losing their lives. Healing from second- and third-degree burns can take as long as a year, but "Since both Barker and Goldstein are in overall good health and didn't suffer from any other crash-related complications, a full recovery is expected."
Barker was burned on his torso and lower body. Goldstein's injuries were primarily to his arms and head.

I still can not get over the fact that the only two survivors were these two men. Crazy!!! There def was an angel watching over them and thats God's way of telling them they still have work to do on earth. My prayers go out to them

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baybay said...

my prayers go out to the four that were killed and their families.
i don't want to sound harsh but those two don't exactly seem like the type he help anyone else but themselves and maaaybe each other.
just seems so suspect sorry (only them two survived, alliyah should only have been half as lucky)