Friday, September 19, 2008

Diddy Steps in Shit.... Literally

Hahahahahahahahhaha they say stepping in shit or a bird shitting on your head is good luck, well Puff must have stepped in a hell of alot. The paps caught Diddy step right into some doggy do do on the streets of LA, I chuckled to myself as I clicked through the photos watching Diddy go thru the motions of trying to clean the bottom of his sneaker. LMFAO @ the bottom pic, check his bodyguard backing off like 'Don't get that shit on me" Hahahahahahahhahahahah


baybay said...

oooooooh you KNOW he was pissed. hope he didn't fire his bodygaurd over that ish lol.

Burney29 said...

tell me he aint wiping that ish on his body guard

that sucks