Monday, September 8, 2008

Blinded by a rock

Fashion Rocks brought out some of the most beautiful celebrities and one of the most beautiful rings I've ever seen, while bloggers across the net are claiming this is B's engagement ring ( which if it was I wouldn't be surprised) while other insiders are saying this is a piece Beyonce borrowed from designer Lorraine Schwartz . What do you all think, did Jay drop 5 mill on his down ass chick or is Beyonce just fronting???

Sidebar: A reader made a great point which totally slipped my mind he/she said this "With a ring like that wouldn't one feel the need to get a manicure???!!!


Anonymous said...

you would think wearing that ring would make you want to get a manicure

baybay said...

^^ owwwwch!! c'mon now..

does it matter said...

That's either an engagement ring or a birthday present.
Whatever it is the Carters are doing it and doing it and doing it well.

Moi said...

She's always had horrible nails! I just hate them.

Tasha said...

Lorraine Schwartz is beyonce FAVE designer its mention in her AMEX print ads and she has mentioned it in her interviews. So i think its her engagement ring. but Tiny's ring was 6millon... just a tidbit

Moi said...

Tiny's a very tacky girl and her ring may have cost more than the reported baubble B is rocking, but I'd have to say B's looks a whole lot better. That ring looks like a little bottle of Fiji Water sitting on her hand! Just as clear and big is ever. If it is her engagement ring, I think it would be safe to say that B and Jay gave us a preview of what to expect on "Upgrade U"


"I Be The D-Boy Who Infiltrated All The Corporate Dudes
They Call Shots I Call Audibles Jacob The Jewlers, Baubbles, Lauraine
Schwartz Sorta Dude It's Big Balling Balling Babies When I'm Courting You
I'm Talking Spy Bags And Fly Pads And Rooms At The Bloomberg And
Rumors You On The Verge Of A New Merge Cause That Rock On Your
Finger Is Like A Tumor You Can't Put Your Hand In Your New Purse"

Must be nice!!

Janeblazze said...

i love that couple even though bey looks drained now... doesnt she look stressed in every pic now or is it just me?