Sunday, September 14, 2008

The things we do for love

The Sun magazine is reporting that my favorite blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson has no issues with undressing and shaking what her mama gave her all over a computer screen. Rumors have that when Tony Romo is out of town Jess has no problem showing him some of her favorite PussyCat dolls routines.
And truthfully I ain't mad at Jess! It's hard enough to keep a man out here, let alone your man being some sort of celebrity or athlete, keep doing what you're doing Jess and make sure Mr.Romo knows where to come home to at night!


baybay said...

i'm sorry that's just too much work for me.
he's prolly still cheating on her ass

Anonymous said...

Whatever. I love Jess to death but she goin too hard

Anonymous said...

Jen you have bad taste in who you like. Jessica is a moron, and I hope Romo dumps her before she gets knocked up