Friday, September 19, 2008

5 things to buzz about

1. Experts say when you're very hungry, your brain views food as tastier and you risk overeating. So make sure to include small snacks into your daily routine like a yogurt or a banana, this will help curb your appetite but still leave enough room for lunch or dinner.

2. Forty five percent of young women say they feel stressed frequently as opposed to 32 percent of men. I'm guessing we women stress more because we go off of emotions while men go off of logic. (Or so they think)

3. Not getting enough shuteye?? They say to lighten those circles just slice up a potato and place em over your eyes.

4. Nineteen percent of guys have blown off a girl after seeing negative stuff about her online. Hmmm...this has to be a tough one since so many of us put our personal biz out there via myspace,facebook and blogs.

5.So you're significant other is going on a long trip and you're worried about missing them?? Just ask him/her to leave the last item they wore with you, studies show just being able to smell your partners scent can make you feel happy!!!

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