Monday, September 29, 2008

My style tip for Tiny

T.I. celebrated his bday this past weekend and while every other site will be ripping Tiny apart for her wrong choice in a dress I thought I would do the opposite and give Tiny my very own style tip. I get where she was trying to go with this, let's rock the overpriced, skin tight dress that everyone and their mama rocked to show off my curves, how can anyone call me a ghetto mess if every other Hollywood socialite has been photographed in this number. Here's the problem Tiny, it's been done one too many times and while I will always be a fan of this dress it just dosen't work for everyone. But enough talking about why this didn't work, let's focus on how we can make this better in the future.

Why not try something like this Black Halo dress. The high waistline will suck in that pertruding belly while still excentuating your bust and booty! Head over to for more looks like this!


Anonymous said...

even if she rocked the dress
she would still need help with her outdated hairstyle! can someone please call the fashion police, the only thing that is ever cute on her are her handbags.

baybay said...

smh. just smdh.
she also need some MAJOR advice regarding accessories jen

briitneey said...

she sucks..period.
poor girl. you would think t.i. would give her whatever she likes...maybe a stylist ?

Anonymous said...

OMG Jen how sweet of you. I agree the Herve Leger has been done too many times. she was dead wrong though from the hair to the bag. she need a stylist "asap"

Yo Montana said...

Efff T.I, They should have put her on house arrest.