Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kim K eyeing music career????

Paris Hilton tried it, Heidi Montag (The Hills) is still gunning for the popstar spotlite and now Kim K may have her eye on a singing career.....not everything works for everyone..better just stick to your day job Kimmy!

In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian reveals her desire to shift from acting to singing. "I would be down, if it was something fun. I love music, so it would just have to be the right thing," she tells E!.

Though there hasn't any concrete plan for the project, the star has already listed Michael Jackson as one of her collaborators. "I'd say a little bit Michael Jackson in there," she says shortly.

Furthermore, the actress also states that if having a chance to enter recording room, she will be eager to do it with Justin Timberlake. "I would love to work with, like, Timbaland as a producer and maybe Justin Timberlake," Kim explains.

However, when asked whether her possible album has been in the work, Kim says that she hasn't done such work. Instead, Kim states that she is now focusing on her "Dancing With the Stars" project. The upcoming season of the reality show, which will be aired on September 22, through ABC, will set her to face off Toni Braxton and Warren Sapp.

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baybay said...

if I ever won the lottery or found out i inherited a shitload of money, i think i'd become a wnba player orr maybe a rapper, yeah a hardcore gangsta rapper. does denzel washington sing, cuz i'd luv to get him on one of the hooks. maybe LL or 50 could produce me.. yeah..