Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Coffee

A few weeks back Kim Osorio and I sat down to discuss how Jen The Pen could become a part of the Global Grind Family.
After one meeting, and one phone conference 4 esteemed women in Hip Hop sat down to start what we call the hip hop version of The View. Morning Coffee "Drink that Shit" will be a 5minute webisode every morning. The four of us will come together under one roof and discuss all the hottest topics in Entertainment, Fashion ,Relationships and Lifestyle.
Kim Osorio is a woman in hip hop that I looked up to for years while reading The Source and it's an honor to begin something that we hope will be a phenomenon.
Angela Yee is someone who up until yesterday never had the honor of meeting, we do a very similar job on the radio and on the same mic but never once bumped into eachother. I'm excited to get to know Angela.
And then there Miss.Tionna Smalls aka the talkdatish girl. And let me tell you she defiantly talked that ish on her blog about your girl Jen the Pen! But after sitting together yesterday we were able to better understand each other. I think we will have a beautiful working relationship.

I'm beyond ecstatic for this new chapter in my book and hope you all will do nothing but support me and the 3 other women who are all a part of "Morning Coffee"

Xoxo JTP


Candice Nicole said...

wow!! congrats on that jen :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow can't wait to see this go down love you Jen. I have a feeling I'm going to like you with the other girls.

The Nerd At The Cool Table said...

Thats whats up

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Jen. GIRL POWER HOES!

Anonymous said...

whoa tell kim O the best revenge to give the industry is to look good so hit the gym cause she's looking kinda hmmm how do you say enhanced WOW alota gurth going on LOL if you're not careful Jen there could be 4 cows chewing the fat on that radio show
please don't let it go jen
I felt like snatches your lunch privileges lol fuck ya'll doing on the radio holding snack sessions
jen be careful you'll wake up one morning and radio is all you can do
Jesus them some thick girls where do they get there gossip at roscoes chicken and waffles
Kim might want to change the title of her book to inside a krispy kreme WTF man
whats the name of this show BLT can you smell what were cooking good cause you can't have none

send all hate to Mustafa i'm easy to find on myspace peace

Anonymous said...

please remove Miss.Tionna Smalls ghetto ass! OR ask her to carry herself better or something! lol