Friday, September 19, 2008

Josh Howard...Officially a Moron

Dallas Maverick player Josh Howard thought it was funny to disrespect our countries National Anthem while being filmed by some nobody rapper named Los out of Baltimore. The media nor did the public find it very funny and now these young boys are under pressure. Peep the videos below the first one is Josh being a moron and the second is the dude Los on Sports Center being questioned about their motives.


thekid10705 said...

To Josh Howard: shut the fuck up, put the ball in basket and collect your fuckin'ridiculous checks!!It's our great nation where you make your living..if you odon't like it go play in Greece..

Los: never heard of you and i still know you suck! Question, although you got a lil' shine (LOL at Bob Levy of ESPN introducing rapper Los) is NBA player Josh Howard that stupid to put himself in a position to benefit a lil' press for you??? get at me???

Potential said...

Ok so the whole situation is sad and should have never happened and I kinda agree with the comment above about J Howard

BUT how can you say you never heard of someone and say you still kno they suck... it just doesnt make sense to me. I dont know him at all but do yur hw cuz hes better then some of these wack rappers out there and Diddy had him on Bad Boy(4 a lil while) so im not the only one that sees talent there

Super Woman said...

could care less about the talent that either one of them have they make black people look bad ....
how can we NOT pull negativity from a negative statement such as "the national anthem is going on i dont celebrate that shit, im black!"

dont push that shit off on black people you shoulda said something along the lines of
"Because im ignorant" not black