Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jen The Pen on WorldStarHipHop!!!!!

I have to say I'm super proud of this video!!!! Thank you to my whole team for putting all this work into making me shine!!! Consequence thank you for putting me in the driver seat and allowing me to be creative the jen the pen way! Without your extra push this may never had happened I love you....Hostage Muzick you guys have become my new little family thank you for making me shine!!!! And a million more thank yous for dealing with all my phone calls no matter what the hour was! And last but not least Kris the best assistant a girl could have!!!! Without you I would be lost on the internet half the time!!!
And to all my fans I love you all for the time you take to visit the blog everyday!!! xoxo


J.D. said...

definitely interviewed the future. Cudi has the game on lock. Cons to the quence is the man. Jen you're gorgeous.


Krisllc said...

Thats right damnit..
= )

- Kris

Potential said...

Jennnnnn that vid was official and were in it a few times so im especially hyped(it pays be in the front lol)

and yea Jen is Hottt!!!

Anonymous said...

thanx for sayin happy ramadan at the end that video, the correct way to say it is "ramadan kareem"
peace from canada.