Monday, September 22, 2008

Kat DeLuna does King

I am love love loving Kat DeLunas look! Get it girl!


baybay said...

love her love her LOVE HER!!
she seems kinda covered up for king, compared to tia marie (is that her name i dunno) and that skank from flav of love.
very classy, j'adore!

blackysky said...

Is this a real king magazine photoshoot.. wow .. We are far away from a hoopz photoshoot... Does king want to be more classy and sexy at the same time? ...anyway, kat de Luna is nice and real.

kikaboo555 said...

Cute girl, she looks like a proper version of little Kim.... So Kimmy take notes this is what your surgery surpose to look like lol..

thekid10705 said...

Yeah, I saw her perform in a nightclub in Corsica in August!! Apparently she is blowin' up in Europe!!