Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Celeb sightings @ Marc Jacob Fashion Show

Some of my favorite celebs were spotted at the Marc Jacob fashion show in NY last night, Victoria Beckham is rocking a new short do which I'm absolutely loving on her! This woman is fierce!!!!! And one of my idols JLo is looking like she got that rocking body back! Get em girl!!!
Jay and Ye were also in tow (but no Bey in sight and that's because a little birdie flew in my ear and told me she was busy practicing for an upcoming show over in some dance studio in NYC.
Alexis (Kanye's ex fiance) happened to be there though...wonder what that's like, bumping into an ex who just happens to be one of the biggest names in music right now....AKWARD...to only be a fly in the room........

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baybay said...

posh's hair looks cute.