Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beauty Secret

With the fall sneaking up on us ever so quickly it's time to gear up for the newest and hottest beauty tips and I promise to not give you gals any tips I wouldn't try on myself. Last years craze was black nailpolish and while some men (my boyfriend particuarly) thought it was more Goth then trendy, I loved everything about matching my black nail polish with all my reds,purples and even blues! This year to keep with the black TREND one of the most daring trends I will be trying is a deep-dark almost black lip. YSL  has a limited edition black lip gloss coming out in mid-September and Lancome  is launching a lip color set that includes a black gloss. (The duo won't be available until November but I'm giving you a heads up about it now since there's already a waiting list.)

Both versions look Marylin Manson-scary in the tube, but the formulas are sheer and can be layered over a red lipstick for a more intense effect. Do you think you're going to try this?! Make sure to leave your thoughts!

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BrittJay said...

That sounds pretty interesting. I want to see how it looks.