Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I want your opinions!!!

Hey guys!!! About two weeks back I interviewed Ray J for WorldStarHipHop as well as JenthePen.com
It was one of my first one on one on camera interviews ( Needless to say I wasn't thrilled with my camera guy so instead of sending it over to WSHH and getting critiqued by that fan base I thought I would put it up on my page first to get all of you guys opinions! Click the player above and enjoy! Thanks for the support xoxo JTP

I especially put this up for one of my faithful readers who also happens to be a huge Ray J fan,Miami Mami this is for you chicky! And I better not read anymore comments about you being bored lol


blackysky said...

the interview is good but the camera view is not.why the camera is far away? however good interview.
you should do more of them :)

Miami Mami said...

Aw Thanks Jen The Pen i feel oh so special :) !

Just to clarify Jen- your blog lately has been a little generic (Mediatakeout, Bossip) just thought you might be rushing thru it a tad

Stand UP Miami!!!! WE STILL THE BEST!!!

sfrisco said...

sexy sexy mami

Anonymous said...

The onterview is good, but the camera is to far away, not to be all soppy but your fucking hot and i would hsve liked to see your face up close, it will also be good for you as people will see your face and will give you more exposure.

ITs Ash btw

Twan Tells said...

Hey Jen I think your interview good expecially it being your first camera interview. I think Rocsi better watch out somebody might be coming for her job lol. Make sure you check out my site me and you have a lot of similarities I'm in radio and just started my blog as well. We should definetly do a link exchange my contact info is on my blog hit me up www.twantells.com . Oh and i love your hustle get it girl lol ;0)

Precise said...

I can see why you are not to thrilled with your camera man...but it looked like space was limited. The interview was good. The sound could be better.....stop by my blog when you can

Super Woman said...

your camera guy really does need to get slapped ....and he musta been tall kuz outside all we see is the top of your head and then u lookin up all high
the angle is supposed to be straight!!! for an interview right in front of you
but the interview was cool even tho im NO WHERE NEAR a brandy's brother fan and why the camera guy look like he was in the right corner on the other side of the room?? lol

ces said...

Not bad !! You had some good questions.But get some mics next time