Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Julez gets GOT

Guess Berg ain't the only Captain Lame-O out here getting beat for his chain. According to NahRight.com young flossy floss Juelz Santana ain't flossin so hard after getting his chain snatched by some local London promotors over the holiday weekend.

A couple years back Julez's manager got some London cats for a whopping 70k and jetted their asses right back to the states, but I'm guessing that the 70k those promotors took a lick for didn't settle to well with them because once they caught wind that Santana was back in town a bunch of goons rushed Juelz at his hotel, he was then escorted by police to a new hotel but once the goonie goons tracked him down they didn't play too nice and Juelz had to kiss his diamonds buh-bye.