Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The New 90210

Last night the new 90210 premiered on the WB and too be quite frank I wasn't impressed at all!!! By the second hour the show lost all of my attention. Mind you I was never really that excited about the show even premiering but I figured what the hell let me tune in so I could blog about it today with you guys. Essentially there will never be a 90210 like the one Aaron Spelling produced, it was a different time and a totally different cast. Both Jennie Garth (Kelly) and Shannen Dorothy (Brenda) have their roles on the new version but they're just not the same drama filled teenagers we once loved.
All in all there was nothing unique about the show other then the twist they tried giving it with the black adopted brother (Way to go WB) way to stir up the controversy. You can't recreate history its like the New Kids on the Block trying to come out again, and they're all the original members. Things like this just don't work. So please for the sake of every 90210 fan out there please put this lame impression back up on the shelf and just give us the repeats of what once was!

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Anonymous said...

I watched too. It was nothing special. I watched every episode of the original from the time I was in the 8th grade up until my freshman year in college. The majority of my dorm (female) would watch together. I just chalk it up to me not being their target audience. There is nothing of the old show to make me want to watch. I don't care about Erin. I was never much for Kelly and Brenda left so long ago, who even remembers her.